Turning returns to Profit

– Helping global corporations curb the cost curve while improving productivity and growth

Customer Returns

Seen by many as a necessary evil, cost of doing business or essential marketing tool to enter and stay in business. Few realize it may well be your biggest growth potential
Working within your existing structures, with your existing key players, directly in the line organization – we reveal the potential and secure working methods for sustainable double digit savings and growth. 

Cost Down

When growth slows down, or returns goals are not reached, the first reaction is often to find ways to Cut Staff Costs – after Cost Of Goods Sold the usually highest cost account for any retailer. 
Although it does make sense to constantly review them, a thorough revision of scopes and sourcing of the next 30 highest cost drivers may well reveal the same or even higher savings potentials. Working closely with your finance and operations departments we unveil these areas of exceptional savings and coach your function managers to excel in this process. 

New Sourcing

Finding a close to perfect balance between competition and partnership is a key strategic task for any procurement organization. Working together with your sourcing departments we 
improve existing routines for continuous improvement, provide comprehensive tools for starting up new suppliers and solidify the effectiveness of your purchasing strategies. 

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Holger Carlsson

Founder and CEO

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